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At Waggrakine this year we have started to implement the PATHS (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies) program. This PATHS program is focused on social and emotional learning. We hope that the implementation of this program better equips our students to handle emotions positively, empathise and make responsible decisions.

During our PATHS sessions we have focused on complimenting at all levels. Each day one student is our PATHS Kid of the Day and they receive a compliment from the teacher, their peers, their family and themselves. Students are finding complementing themselves the most difficult but their peers are enjoying complementing their peers.

Here are a few compliments students have given during these sessions:

– You are a positive person who always listens when people are feeling down.

– You take life as it comes and you aren’t afraid to be different and step out of the crowd.

– You brighten our days with your smiling face every morning.

– You are a supportive friend and an amazing role model.

Please feel free to add any of your own compliments for students in TA 2.




Literacy and Mathematics

Working together and learning new things!

This week in our Literacy and Mathematics sessions we have worked in small groups to consolidate our knowledge of spelling strategies and are expanding our vocabulary. We have been rotating through 5 different games in each session and have really enjoyed talking about synonyms, antonyms, anagrams and figurative language during our literacy sessions. In mathematics we are practising our times tables, fractions and decimals using a variety of different games.

It has been fantastic to see the students not only develop their vocabulary and knowledge but also their cooperation skills when working in small groups.

In weeks to come we will share more of our learning from these sessions.


Every Wednesday after lunch we work with our buddies in ECE 3. ECE 3 is a Pre-Primary class who is taught by Mr Kingston and Mrs Stewart. During buddies we do lots of fun activities including, art, craft, outdoor games, building and reading, but yesterday we did something amazing and different.


Yesterday we had to set up 6 different things to do with our buddies. We had hopscotch, hurdles, skipping, throwing and catching, football and egg and spoon race. We did this to teach them different skills. The buddies were in groups of 3 and rotated through each station. Each station went for 7 minutes and saw our buddies learn some great skills.


We had a great time and we hope our buddies enjoyed it too!!


By Brianna and Mercedes

Daily Fitness

For the past few weeks our class TA2  have been running daily fitness. We do rotations and it runs for 15 minutes. We read a roster every morning and have to collect our equipment from the sports shed. Everyday we get our class and bring them to the area are working in and start daily fitness. We have to give them clear instructions then we start playing the game. We do a variety of games and have changed the games we are doing once this term.

Daily Fitness Activities:

  • Dodge
  • Just Dance
  • Obstacle Course
  • Football
  • Cross Country
  • and many more…

We really enjoy running daily fitness and are learning fantastic organisational skills. We hope all of the classes are enjoying daily fitness too!!

By Amy and Ashante

Day Down Dolby Creek

TA 2 and TA 1 all gathered in the morning to catch the bus to Dolby Creek, to be the first group to start planting a million tree’s. When we got to Dolby Creek, everyone got split into groups of 6. Each group had a guardian to show  us how to plant a tree the right way. Donna, the lady in charge also told us facts about the project and told us why we were planting so many tree’s.

Everyone got very dirty and muddy. It started sprinkling a bit but it didn’t get worse. We saw lots of things while we were there including a dead fox, lots os patty melons, a dry creek, and pretty rainbow. We started planting at 9.00 and ended at 10.30. The people who were in my group were Briana, Taharni, Lacey, Ashlee, and Tiana. After we just finished planting the last tree’s it started pouring with rain, everyone ran as fast as they could back to the bus. TA2 and TA1 all returned to school wet an muddy nut at the end of the day, we all had lots of fun.

By Maiesha

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