Talented TA 2

Year 6/7 Waggrakine Primary


Every Wednesday after lunch we work with our buddies in ECE 3. ECE 3 is a Pre-Primary class who is taught by Mr Kingston and Mrs Stewart. During buddies we do lots of fun activities including, art, craft, outdoor games, building and reading, but yesterday we did something amazing and different.


Yesterday we had to set up 6 different things to do with our buddies. We had hopscotch, hurdles, skipping, throwing and catching, football and egg and spoon race. We did this to teach them different skills. The buddies were in groups of 3 and rotated through each station. Each station went for 7 minutes and saw our buddies learn some great skills.


We had a great time and we hope our buddies enjoyed it too!!


By Brianna and Mercedes


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12 thoughts on “Buddies!

  1. Declan on said:

    I enjoyed buddies because we got to teach them new skills. I was helping teach them how to throw and catch a ball. Zhanash was the best at catching, he got thirty catches without dropping one.Trae was the best at throwing.

  2. Yesterday we had buddies and there were six groups. In our group there was Isaiah, Riley and me. We were teaching them how to kick a footy, we had fun!

  3. Nathan on said:

    Yesterday I did skipping with our buddies and it was a lot of fun.

  4. it is really nice pictures and i hope we do it again

  5. Mercedes on said:

    Doing buddies was fun and i’m up there in the pictures! Have a look I’m standing alone in front of three kids. I did skipping.

  6. Nick K on said:

    Nice work Brianna and Mercedes I like how you two put this together. It is amazing what you said about TA2 and ECE3. Thanks

  7. Chloe on said:

    I love doing buddies and teaching them new things. They love seeing us and learning lots of new things for life.

  8. Tiana on said:

    Buddies is a great thing to do I really enjoy it soooooo much. Our buddies are adorable. I love it when we get to teach our buddies stuff…
    I looooooooooooooove buddies <3<3<3<3 hahahaha

  9. Anahera on said:

    our buddies are adorable and funny. They love to run and have fun. I love teaching them new skills that they will need in the future:)

  10. 😥 Clayton is moving to perth. i will miss the little elephant.

  11. keeley on said:

    i like teaching my buddy new skills its so fun : )

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