Talented TA 2

Year 6/7 Waggrakine Primary

Daily Fitness

For the past few weeks our class TA2  have been running daily fitness. We do rotations and it runs for 15 minutes. We read a roster every morning and have to collect our equipment from the sports shed. Everyday we get our class and bring them to the area are working in and start daily fitness. We have to give them clear instructions then we start playing the game. We do a variety of games and have changed the games we are doing once this term.

Daily Fitness Activities:

  • Dodge
  • Just Dance
  • Obstacle Course
  • Football
  • Cross Country
  • and many more…

We really enjoy running daily fitness and are learning fantastic organisational skills. We hope all of the classes are enjoying daily fitness too!!

By Amy and Ashante


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9 thoughts on “Daily Fitness

  1. I have enjoyed doing morning fitness. This term I especially enjoyed doing Cross Country.

  2. Jake on said:

    This term I have been doing Cross Country it has been fun. My favourite class to take is TA 11.

  3. Warren on said:

    We’ve been having a lot of fun doing doing daily fitness.

  4. Brianna on said:

    Daily fitness is going really good and it’s a great way to get exercise.

  5. Hello Miss Hill and TA 2,
    Your blog is looking great!! I have been so impressed by the maturity and fantastic organisation skills shown by TA 2 students in morning fitness the last term. Keep up the great work!
    Miss Cross

  6. mercedes on said:

    I’m mercedes and i do square dodge with anahera down on the oval. You might have had me before and i hope i get chosen to do daily fitness again next term.

  7. mercedes on said:

    I love doing daily fitness! Just interacting with every one else makes me feel less shy and I like when i get Frazer my brothers class, I like pushing frazer harder than anyone else! it’s fun getting to know every one.

  8. morning fitness is going really well and i like to do morning fitness cause we get to do it with our buddies.
    and i like to do alot of sport.

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