Talented TA 2

Year 6/7 Waggrakine Primary

Day Down Dolby Creek

TA 2 and TA 1 all gathered in the morning to catch the bus to Dolby Creek, to be the first group to start planting a million tree’s. When we got to Dolby Creek, everyone got split into groups of 6. Each group had a guardian to show  us how to plant a tree the right way. Donna, the lady in charge also told us facts about the project and told us why we were planting so many tree’s.

Everyone got very dirty and muddy. It started sprinkling a bit but it didn’t get worse. We saw lots of things while we were there including a dead fox, lots os patty melons, a dry creek, and pretty rainbow. We started planting at 9.00 and ended at 10.30. The people who were in my group were Briana, Taharni, Lacey, Ashlee, and Tiana. After we just finished planting the last tree’s it started pouring with rain, everyone ran as fast as they could back to the bus. TA2 and TA1 all returned to school wet an muddy nut at the end of the day, we all had lots of fun.

By Maiesha


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6 thoughts on “Day Down Dolby Creek

  1. Isaiah on said:

    When we went to Dolby Creek there were 6 groups. My group planted 178 trees, it was a great day!

  2. Nick K on said:

    hi maiesha i like how you deatailed the trip to dolby creek and the pictures are great nice work class mate.

  3. kyle on said:

    i like the pictures and haw you are halping the enviroment.

  4. I wonder how the trees are going And i hope the rain did a good job..

  5. Jayden on said:

    It was fun there down at Dolby Creek. I got dirty too and got rained on as well. The day we went to Dolby Creek was a memory to remember. : D

  6. mercedes on said:

    Dolby creek was amazing! I loved the amazing kinds of trees we got to plant. If i can remember, out of the tree planting i think we planted 570 in total. It felt like paradise there. we did a good job guys! Go green.

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