Talented TA 2

Year 6/7 Waggrakine Primary

Literacy and Mathematics

Working together and learning new things!

This week in our Literacy and Mathematics sessions we have worked in small groups to consolidate our knowledge of spelling strategies and are expanding our vocabulary. We have been rotating through 5 different games in each session and have really enjoyed talking about synonyms, antonyms, anagrams and figurative language during our literacy sessions. In mathematics we are practising our times tables, fractions and decimals using a variety of different games.

It has been fantastic to see the students not only develop their vocabulary and knowledge but also their cooperation skills when working in small groups.

In weeks to come we will share more of our learning from these sessions.


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3 thoughts on “Literacy and Mathematics

  1. These games look great Miss Hill! Ta2 look like they are working really well together. One day ta1 might come and join you!

  2. brianna on said:

    the games were really fun 🙂

  3. mercedes on said:

    I like the games miss hill has provided, and I love the mental maths we get given! :p

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