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Welcome Back!!

Term 3 is underway and it is shaping up to be a busy one! The students returned with smiles on their faces and we could not have had a more enjoyable first week back. We are also lucky enough to have a new student in our class, Maekayla and I was thrilled to see how welcoming all of the students in TA 2 were to her.

This term students will be learning about the Olympics which are currently underway in London, exploring the world of media with TA 1, focusing on global issues, and getting themselves fit and ready for the cross country, jumps and throws and athletics carnival.

We kicked off our term with in an introduction to the make up of our world.


More to follow as we kick off Week 2 and our Media projects with TA 1.

Stay tuned!!




On Friday the last day of Semester One TA 1 & TA 2 combine to take on the challenge of the Waggy Amazing Race 2012. The students were racing for a range of countries and completed a variety of challenges which saw them revise concepts they had learnt about during Semester One.

All challenges and photos of the day are fully documented on the Waggrakine Primary School Amazing Race Blog www.waggyrace.wordpress.com

Congratulations to our winning team USA!!!

Well done Isaiah, Max, Reilly M and Ben Z!

A fantastic job done by team BRAZIL (Zaide, Nathan S, Declan and Byron) and team INDONESIA (Lacey, Allison, Keeley and Jacinta) who came a close second and third.

All teams raced with style and remained cool, calm and collected for (most …. of …) the time!

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