Talented TA 2

Year 6/7 Waggrakine Primary


On Friday the last day of Semester One TA 1 & TA 2 combine to take on the challenge of the Waggy Amazing Race 2012. The students were racing for a range of countries and completed a variety of challenges which saw them revise concepts they had learnt about during Semester One.

All challenges and photos of the day are fully documented on the Waggrakine Primary School Amazing Race Blog www.waggyrace.wordpress.com

Congratulations to our winning team USA!!!

Well done Isaiah, Max, Reilly M and Ben Z!

A fantastic job done by team BRAZIL (Zaide, Nathan S, Declan and Byron) and team INDONESIA (Lacey, Allison, Keeley and Jacinta) who came a close second and third.

All teams raced with style and remained cool, calm and collected for (most …. of …) the time!


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15 thoughts on “AMAZING RACE!!

  1. smiley787 on said:

    it was really fun and exciting i hope we do some thing similar next term 🙂

  2. mercedes on said:

    GO Waggy amazing race!!!!!!

  3. brianna on said:

    it was really really fun

  4. brianna on said:

    i liked how we did all these different challangers and i was excited i got put with mercedes, warren and kyle we wre a great team

  5. mercedes on said:

    My team was called the italin pizza’s, the people in my team were: Kyle, Warren, Brianna and me! we didn’t get to finish but that’s okay.

  6. Nick P on said:

    This was really fun and exciting, It was a bit sad to see we didnt make it to third and only fourth though D:

  7. Thanks to the teachers who help plan the amazing race,it was so much fun

  8. wazza on said:

    i had lots of fun running around the school as fast as i could. i had lots of fun that day even though my team didnt win

  9. wazza on said:


  10. i loved the amazing race. i thought it was really fun 🙂 please miss hill can we do this again sometime? Dusty Crothers.

  11. i loved the amazing race it was CHALLANGEING HAHAHA 🙂 lol

  12. m@iesh@ on said:

    even know i wasn’t there that sounds like lots of fun. i wish i was there:)

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