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Global Projects- TA 1 & 2

Half way through our global projects, TA 1 and 2 reflect on their learning.


How we feel…

This term in Health we have been looking at Bullying and Safety. We have been viewing My Great Big Adventure on ABC 3 and relating these issues to our school and lives. A segment on this program we enjoy as a class is The Booth of Truth, where students share their ideas and feeling about a topic. We took this idea on board and have created out own little video about how we feel about bullying and what makes us feel safe.

Athletics is under way…

It is an exciting time of year with the Athletics events under way. Tuesday saw the students compete in T-Ball throw and long jump followed by the exhausting Cross Country on Friday! It was fantastic to see all of the students participating, encouraging one another and completing such a gruelling event.

A special congratulations to our Year 7 students who complete their last Primary School Cross Country.

Well Done to our Champions and RUnners Up.

Year 6/7 Boys Champion: Declan Knowles

Year 6/7 Boys Runner Up: Oakley Criddle

Year 6 /7 Girls Champion: Hayley Oversby

Year 6/7 Girls Runner Up: Ashlee Rumble

Exploring Asia!

We have been learning about our partnership school in Sri Lanka and some curious minds in the classroom wanted explore some other areas of Asia. During an ICT session in the Library the students were given the task to explore a country through pictures. We used Photo Story 3 and for some students this was their first encounter with the program. I was very pleased to see the students helping one another, experimenting and producing some interesting stories about a variety of Asian countries.


Buddies continues with ECE 3…

Buddies has been a highlight of the week this year for ECE 3 and TA 2 and it has been fantastic to see the relationships between the two classes grow. This term with the Athletics Carnival and Book Week we decided to do a series of rotations that incorporate physical activity, literacy and creativity. It was excellent to see the Year 6/7s teaching the Pre Primary’s games such as Snap and hopscotch and seeing the Pre Primary’s teach the Year 6/7’s how to use a series of apps on the iPads.

Check out this week’s rotations below!!


Indonesian in TA 2

In celebration of Indonesia Independence Day Ibu Erlin had a special treat for TA 2. The students had a fantastic session learning about Independence Day and were then given the chance to dress in some traditional Indonesian attire.

The students looked excellent!


Eagles come to Waggy!

Last Wednesday the students of Waggrakine were lucky enough to have Ric the Eagle visit for a special assembly. It was fantastic for all classes to listen to the values and qualities valued by the West Coast Eagles Football Club and recognise how important it is for them in their development.

After the assembly the Year 6/7 students were lucky enough to have the opportunity to participate in a clinic, showing off their skills to the Eagles. It was excellent to see the students showcase the values and qualities mentioned during the assembly as they all participated in a positive manner.

Thanks again to the Eagles for visiting our school!


Eagles Cup

Eagles Cup has begun after school with some amazing talent from Waggrakine Primary School on display! With two tough games to start off the team has shown outstanding perseverance, encouragement towards one another and skill. Unfortunately the competition is tough however with an improved performance this week it won’t be long until the team notches up their first win.

A very special mention must go to Mr Murdoch and Ms Hunt for their time and effort they put into the team.
Well Done Team, Keep up the good work!

Waggy Media!

The doors have opened and work had begun!! TA 1 & 2 have once again shown  their flexibility and maturity when working together with Miss Cross and Miss Hill. Students were grouped with most groups consisting of 7-8 students and the first week saw them explore a range of global issues including, poverty, malnutrition, natural disasters, climate change, child mortality, education and many more. The students used the fantastic resource Get Connected along with the internet, newspapers and atlases. It was pleasing to see the groups work together to select a topic that they would then turn into a Newsletter, Blog, Radio segment or T.V show.

In the coming weeks students will explore a variety of media forms and begin to create their own piece of media in relation to their topic.

We are looking forward to seeing the final products as the students are working hard!

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