Talented TA 2

Year 6/7 Waggrakine Primary

Waggy Media!

The doors have opened and work had begun!! TA 1 & 2 have once again shown  their flexibility and maturity when working together with Miss Cross and Miss Hill. Students were grouped with most groups consisting of 7-8 students and the first week saw them explore a range of global issues including, poverty, malnutrition, natural disasters, climate change, child mortality, education and many more. The students used the fantastic resource Get Connected along with the internet, newspapers and atlases. It was pleasing to see the groups work together to select a topic that they would then turn into a Newsletter, Blog, Radio segment or T.V show.

In the coming weeks students will explore a variety of media forms and begin to create their own piece of media in relation to their topic.

We are looking forward to seeing the final products as the students are working hard!


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5 thoughts on “Waggy Media!

  1. m@iesh@ on said:

    i think working in our media groups is so much easier and lots more fun. 🙂

  2. warren on said:

    it was hard but it was fun

  3. mercedes on said:

    I like media it’s cool. 🙂

  4. Hello Miss Hill and TA 2,
    I look forward to our Tuesday and Thursday shared Literacy sessions, because all of our students get along so well and work together so nicely. It is great to see such amazing learning taking place!
    Keep it up TA 1 and TA 2!
    Miss Cross

  5. yeah the media projects are so fun and in week ten we get to set up a both it will be so fun

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