Talented TA 2

Year 6/7 Waggrakine Primary

Eagles come to Waggy!

Last Wednesday the students of Waggrakine were lucky enough to have Ric the Eagle visit for a special assembly. It was fantastic for all classes to listen to the values and qualities valued by the West Coast Eagles Football Club and recognise how important it is for them in their development.

After the assembly the Year 6/7 students were lucky enough to have the opportunity to participate in a clinic, showing off their skills to the Eagles. It was excellent to see the students showcase the values and qualities mentioned during the assembly as they all participated in a positive manner.

Thanks again to the Eagles for visiting our school!



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6 thoughts on “Eagles come to Waggy!

  1. At first I couldn’t work out why you would be playing football when there were eagles visiting our school but I was thinking of the Eagle which is a bird! Just goes to show what happens when you don’t read the entire message but then I looked at the photos and it was the eagles mascot! Now I’m totally confused!! I will have to reread and comprehend the whole text this time!!!

  2. ashante:D on said:

    they were awesome and the eagle was hell funny ;D

  3. () @ k /_ 3 y on said:

    That was realy fun!!!

  4. maiesha:) on said:

    i love ric he was so funny
    and aslo i loved when we did all kinds
    of games atfer the assembly. it was funny:)

  5. it was so fun when the eagles came to the school rick the mascot was so funny and i loved the games we played on the ovar the were fun and the rotations were awsome

  6. the games were awesome and rick the mascot was very entertaining!

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