Talented TA 2

Year 6/7 Waggrakine Primary

Buddies continues with ECE 3…

Buddies has been a highlight of the week this year for ECE 3 and TA 2 and it has been fantastic to see the relationships between the two classes grow. This term with the Athletics Carnival and Book Week we decided to do a series of rotations that incorporate physical activity, literacy and creativity. It was excellent to see the Year 6/7s teaching the Pre Primary’s games such as Snap and hopscotch and seeing the Pre Primary’s teach the Year 6/7’s how to use a series of apps on the iPads.

Check out this week’s rotations below!!



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6 thoughts on “Buddies continues with ECE 3…

  1. We love spending time with our buddies! And now we get to see them everyday when they join us for morning fitness!

    From ECE3

  2. /\/\@$-)/\/ on said:

    Your buddies look so cute. Was it fun playing with them?

  3. () @ k /_ 3 y on said:

    They are so cute and it looks like you did lots of fun games

  4. brianna on said:

    we love spending time with use too and use are all cute 🙂

  5. Sue Ashworth on said:

    Well when I saw the group rotations everyone was having a great time. I even joined in a game of hopscotch and I was fantastic!!!! I even did a spin around at the end-very impressive!!!
    I was really impressed with how the Year6/7 children were helping their buddies. Well done TA2!!!

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