Talented TA 2

Year 6/7 Waggrakine Primary

Athletics is under way…

It is an exciting time of year with the Athletics events under way. Tuesday saw the students compete in T-Ball throw and long jump followed by the exhausting Cross Country on Friday! It was fantastic to see all of the students participating, encouraging one another and completing such a gruelling event.

A special congratulations to our Year 7 students who complete their last Primary School Cross Country.

Well Done to our Champions and RUnners Up.

Year 6/7 Boys Champion: Declan Knowles

Year 6/7 Boys Runner Up: Oakley Criddle

Year 6 /7 Girls Champion: Hayley Oversby

Year 6/7 Girls Runner Up: Ashlee Rumble


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23 thoughts on “Athletics is under way…

  1. Sue Ashworth on said:

    Very proud to see so many children congratulating each other and TA 2 I heard your ECE buddies calling out your names. They were very proud of you. You are like heroes to them so keep being super role models.

  2. keeley on said:

    i can’t wait for the sports carnival GO JIDDEE JIDDEE : ]

  3. Jazz555 on said:

    Running the cross country was had but I came 9th. I am proud of myself.
    Plus i can’t wait for the sports carnival. GO WINJEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i like the acton shoots

  5. Hayley on said:

    me neither!
    Grasshopper Grasshopper leaping ahead
    Jindarndee Jindarndee knock em dead
    sock it to em sock it to em we dont mind
    sock it to em sock it to em doin fine!!!

    LOL ill be singing that on the carnival day

  6. go jiddee jiddee they are the

  7. i have to say that im suprised how easy it was to run faster than i ever do and i got 11th. that got me far enough

  8. keeley on said:

    sittn’ on a grandstand
    beatin’ on a tin can
    who can
    we can
    nobody else can jiddee jiddee!!!!!!!!

    thats all you will hear on the sports carnival especilly when we win

    • mercedes on said:

      no. your gonna here..
      wingee, wingee
      scream and shout
      we’re gonna hypnotise them
      paralyse them
      knock them out
      hit them high
      hit them low
      come on wingee
      let’s go go go!

  9. mercedes on said:

    wingee! wingee! wingee’s gonna win for sure! lol 🙂

  10. keeley on said:

    i’m so happy that i came 4th in the cross country my family is so proud

  11. brianna on said:

    im soo exited for the carnival gonna be fun go JIDDEE-JIDDEE hope we win have a good felling we will 🙂

  12. /\/@t[-]@/\/ on said:

    Jindarndee will win next year

  13. yay JIDDEE JIDDEE won yay winjee didnt win again

  14. congratulations on winning jiddee jiddee!!!! 🙂

  15. go JIDDEE JIDDEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i told hayley we would win this year


  17. well done everyone in jiddee jiddee you all did well and bad luck to the others 😦

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