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Well done to our Tsunami team; Courtney, Maiesha, Nic K, Tiana, Oakley, Rhan and Mason to who ran their stall beautifully today. Although unfortunately absent today Richard also worked hard towards this project over the last few weeks. We were particularly impressed with the creative activities this group had running as students were invited to build models of tsunamis with sand and also complete hand made jigsaws. This team had __ votes as the favourite booth.

You can view their Waggy TV news here


Poverty in Africa

Well Done to our Poverty in Africa team on a very engaging display and fantastic blog! You can view the work of Zaide, Nathan Shires, Riley W, Byron, Keeley, Jacinta and Declan at http://www.waggypoverty.wordpress.com

Students loved going inside the replica house and realising just how lucky we are to even have our own bedrooms! Another favourite was their informative puppet show!


Food Crisis in Nepal

A fantastic display of knowledge was shared at the Food Crisis in Nepal booth run by Dusty, Josh, Tyler, Kael, Mercedes, Brianna and Jake. Students were entertained by an engaging puppet show and were taught many things by brilliant displays.

You can listen to their fantastic Radio show – SOS Radio below

Floods in India

Well done to Isaiah, Max, Glen, Ashlee, Ben Z, Briannon and Reilly for their fantastic presentation of the devastating floods that hit India each year. This group worked well and had established great responsibilities ensuring every one in the group had a role. Glen took on the leadership of the blog along with the help of the others who made a great display today. The boys did a good job of showing people the blogs and there was a great puppet show run by Ashlee, Briannon and Max.

Please visit their blog at http://www.floodsinindia.wordpress.com


Poverty in East Timor

Wow – what a great and productive team the poverty in East Timor group proved to be. Congratulations to Maekayla, Hayley, Chloe, Nathan Owen, Malachi and Cameron who overcame obstacles to triumph on the day! This stall was very popular today with Malachi and Nathan doing a great job to recruit students and invite them to learn about this important issue. Miss Cross was proud of the way Cameron applied himself to run the radio station which was full of listeners all morning! Meanwhile, the girls were keeping everyone busy with their fantastic games and activities. Well done.

You can listen to their radio broadcast below.

Climate Change vs. Polar Bears

Sophie, Lacey, Warren, Kyle, Jayden and Kaylee did a great job in creating their popular booth! Sophie our resident polar bear was a hit and it was great to see her spreading information at the same time! Jayden, Warren and Kyle put a lot of work into their Waggy TV episode and showed fantastic team work and collaboration. Well done also to Lacey and Kaylee who proved their research skills today with the great amount of information they had to share with other students! Well done!

You can view their Waggy TV news show below.


Child Mortality in Afghanistan

Well done to Haydyn, Dylan, Ashante, Tia, Kyle G, Erin, Allison and Amy on their informative booth about child mortality in Afghanistan. This group produced a great newsletter which lots of students were thoroughly reading. It was great to see the creative ideas this group came up with to educate their audience.


Book Week Parade

This week was busy at Waggrakine Primary School and Friday saw another fantastic event. The Book Week Parade! Students have been involved in a range of activities during Book Week and Literacy and Numeracy Week and Friday saw them showcase their favourite character from a book. We had a variety of characters walking around the school and it was excellent to see a number of the senior students dress up. All students looked fantastic and made the parade a huge success!!

The Book Parade winners from TA 2 were Jacinta as Sailor Moon and Tiana as Cleopatra.

You can check out all of the characters below!

*** Photos still to come!

A Cloudy Lesson

After being directed to the Literacy Shed website by a wise collegue I discovered a fantastic little video which would get the creative minds of TA 2 working. After watching and disucssing this fanstastic little video the students were challeenged to complete one of the following activites.

– Write instructions for ‘How to make clouds.

– Write dialogue between the two.

– Invent ways in which other natural phenomena are made.

– Write a news report detailing what people saw in the sky.

Check out the video below

Here are some of our creations:

Goodbye Nateicia

Friday saw a sad day for TA 2!! We lost and important member of our class, Nateicia. We wish her luck on her adventure back to Cairns and hope to stay in contact with her for the rest of the year and beyond!!

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