Talented TA 2

Year 6/7 Waggrakine Primary

A Cloudy Lesson

After being directed to the Literacy Shed website by a wise collegue I discovered a fantastic little video which would get the creative minds of TA 2 working. After watching and disucssing this fanstastic little video the students were challeenged to complete one of the following activites.

– Write instructions for ‘How to make clouds.

– Write dialogue between the two.

– Invent ways in which other natural phenomena are made.

– Write a news report detailing what people saw in the sky.

Check out the video below

Here are some of our creations:


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4 thoughts on “A Cloudy Lesson

  1. mercedes on said:

    i like the video of how to make clouds

  2. I loved it!!! I’d like to see some of the work that you did with ‘clouds’. I watched some of the other clips and they are really entertaining!

  3. I like clowdy leson it was a very creative vidio

  4. me and kyle are doing a dilogue. thats shame

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