Talented TA 2

Year 6/7 Waggrakine Primary

Goodbye Nateicia

Friday saw a sad day for TA 2!! We lost and important member of our class, Nateicia. We wish her luck on her adventure back to Cairns and hope to stay in contact with her for the rest of the year and beyond!!


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16 thoughts on “Goodbye Nateicia

  1. wow everyone was crying because she was leaving. they shoukldnt worry because they will see her in high school

  2. we will miss you nateicia

  3. m@iesh@ on said:

    i was so sad that naticia left and
    so was everyone else. i think ispelt her name
    wrong o well 😦

  4. I was so sad because I wasnt here on Friday! but I hpe I will see her again because I miss her heaps! Nateicia please come back 😦

  5. mercedes on said:

    all the girls were crying except me… because i don’t really know her that well……. that’s all….

  6. Sue Ashworth on said:

    Yes, it was a sad day when we lost the Rihari family. They were a valued addition to our Waggy family. Make sure you all keep in touch-maybe you could skype Nateicia at her new school and they could be your ‘banana bender’ buddies and you could be their ‘sandgroper buddies’!

  7. kyle lamberton on said:

    i hope she has a good time at cens we all miss her :[

  8. yeah i miss teicia heaps and heaps and i wish she never left but i guess miracles dont just come from anywhere wish they did though:( miss ya heaps teicia Xx

  9. i miss natica heap and heaps she was such a good friend. i miss your laugh come back!!!!

  10. i was crying ALL after noon i was so sad
    the WHOLE school is diffrent without tecia T-T

  11. miss u lots teicia

  12. omg life in ta2 is’nt the same with out her memorys are every were I MISS HER SO MUCH i fell so sorry for hayley the most.

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