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Term 4 is flying!!

It is unbelievable to think it is already Week 6 in Term 4! We have been so busy that we havent got to publish many draft posts we have started, now they just seem irrelevant so we thought we would just give you a quick update on the happenings in TA 2 so far this term!

This term started off very differently and has proved a success with the students still smiling and producing fantastic pieces of work!


In Literacy sessions we have been focusing on writing project proposals and letters. The students have shown fantastic persistence when trying to convince me to allow them to do a project of their choice through a persuasive letter. They have also been completing many activities in pairs and groups, enjoying many spelling, general knowledge and grammar quizzes.


In Mathematics sessions the students have continued to work with fractions and we are exploring the world of Chance and Data. The students have drawn and created maps and will soon be directing a blindfolded partner through an obstacle course! Lets hope they give clear directions! We have also started using bows and arrows to play darts and working on our recall of basic facts which the students have found to be engaging.

Students remember to complete your Maths Online tasks, only a few weeks to go!


This term we have looked at a range of topics in Health.

– Smoking

– Cannabis

– Our bodies

– Identity

The students have shown amazing maturity during these sessions asking sensible questions and sharing their thoughts and ideas. It is fantastic to see the students take all of the information on board and interact positively with their peers during some awkward topics of conversation!

Inquiry Learning

A new addition to the timetable this term has been Inquiry Learning. Students have selected a topic and a mode of presentation and are off exploring their interests. It has been great to see the students challenge themselves with a variety tools such as, Animoto, Prezi and Movie Maker.


We have continued to work with our PP buddies from ECE 3, teaching them sporting skills, building with popsticks and today we are starting to make Christmas decorations with them! It is amazing to see how much they have grown and excellent to see them interacting with the whole school at Recess and Lunch now.

We have also had to say goodbye to two students this term, Maekayla and Courtney who have returned to their previous schools. The girls are being missed by all and we hope they have a fantastic final term.

We then received two new additions to our classroom, Toby and Jayke, they have settled in extremely well and as they are both Year 6’s we look forward to having them at our school next year as Year 7 leaders.

Things to come in our busy term are:

– Yera 7 Transition Day- Week 7 Tuesday

– Year 7 Activity Week- Week 8

– Graduation Cermemony & Dinner- Week 9 Friday

– Awards Ceremony Monday

– Waggy Challenge Reward Day- Week 10 Tuesday

Week 10 Tuesday is our final day of 2012!!

Please stay tuned as we post pictures and stories of our exciting last few weeks.


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