Talented TA 2

Year 6/7 Waggrakine Primary

About Us

TA 2 Waggy

We are a Year 6/7 class at Waggrakine Primary School, Geraldton.

Our classroom has a variety of personalities who have a range of different experiences.

This blog has been created to share our work, photos and learning ideas. It is a space that the students will share their thoughts, ideas and work samples. I hope you enjoy following our journey and please comment on our posts, your feedback is a valuable part of our learning.


16 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi, my name is Dusty and i’m a year 6 student in ta2. I love to draw and someday i hope to be an artist. I like to play minecraft, but i’m not a nerd. i’m a girl gamer 🙂 I love to read ‘Deltora Quest’ and are up to ‘The Four Sisters’. That’s pretty much from me! bye!

  2. mercedes on said:

    Hi, my name is mercedes i’m a new student in ta2 i’m a year 7 and i like drawing, climbing, exploring, minecraft, cooking and collecting stuff. I have been to four schools, all with great friends but now i would like to make new ones. I have a brother and a sister ,Frazer, is in ta7 he is a year six I maybe smaller than him but i’m still older! thats all from me!

  3. brianna on said:

    Hi my name is brianna i have been here since i was in pre primary which is all my life and i try my hardest at everything i like to draw little creatures and i like climing trees, cooking, playing minecraft i dont go on the computer much cause i dont like it i also like reading books from paul jennings 🙂 and thats it from me bye 🙂 -_-

  4. Carolyn Bones on said:

    I Like the photos that show what you are making with ECE3.

  5. Anahera on said:

    hi my name is anahera
    im in TA 2 this year and it has been a thrilling term and an exillerating semester.Im 11 turning 12 in august(first) I enjoy exploring, drawing, dog showing, body boarding and the occasional (sometimes) quad bikes:)

  6. hey my name is warren in ta2. i like being in school rather than home but i have no clue why. i like playing guitar. i play in a youth band which is pretty awesome. i am 12 at the moment but i am turning 13 next year in february. im never bored because i have 2 brothers and 2 sisters and myself which makes it hard to be bored. Even when im by myself. i guess thats every thing i can think of for now.

  7. Maiesha on said:

    Hi my name ia Maiesha and i love being in Ta2 with Miss Hill.
    We have so much fun and i like how we have buddies and
    every morning, exept thursday w etake them out to morning fitness
    with us. 🙂

  8. keeley on said:

    hi im keeley ive been at waggy since pre priamry but i went to bairnsdale west primary school for kindy. I like cooking, playing football, running the cross country, climbing trees and also rock climbing. i like playing call of duty 3 and like going to the beach.

  9. mercedes on said:

    hello it’s mercedes again! lol! it’s random i wanna talk again but i would like to say i’m awsome…… hello every one!

  10. m@iesh@ on said:

    i just love buddies and i love playing with them
    its so much fun seeing them all
    the time 🙂

  11. mercedes on said:

    it’s mercedes! and i like riding quad bikes and surfing and riding my skatebords,climbing.being with friends and playing on frazers playstation! tyhat’s all from me 🙂

  12. hilo im tiana 😉
    i love hanging out with my friends and i am like a regular 11 yr old
    i love being creative and being funny with my friends. 🙂
    i luv learning and writing storys and every now and then in class we have a little laugh or a joke ;D
    and i also love to draw…
    and i guess thats about it bye 😉 🙂

  13. the tanlet show is on thursday and i am singing never been so nerves and good luck to ever one who is haveing a go. 🙂

  14. m@iesh@ on said:

    hi my name is Maiesha and i love hanging with my friends
    and playing netball too

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