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2012 so far…

An amazing and busy start to 2012! We have now entered the world of blogging to share the rest of our journey this year and hope you enjoy reading and commenting on our adventures.

So far this year we have experienced many new things with a new classroom, classmates and a new teacher to our school. It has been an enjoyable journey for all with many exciting activities making for a busy start.

Year 7’s have attended a leadership camp at the Geraldton Camp School, completed a variety of Waggy Challenges and NAPLAN, been presented with leadership badges and school leadership roles and have successfully managed the school’s sport shed.

The Year 6 students were recently lucky enough to join Miss Cross and TA 1 to speak to an Olympian, Jennifer Screen, while the year 7 students were completing NAPLAN. It was an amazing opportunity with Jennifer sharing some fantastic insights into team work and desire to reach your goals.

All students in TA 2 have also attended Constable CareĀ  and squash, been involved in a successful assembly and have run daily fitness activities in Term 2 with all classes in the school.

Although busy it has been an excellent start to the year and the students have responded well to make it an enjoyable start to my teaching career. We are now hoping to keep our blog up to date with work samples, learning experiences, interesting thoughts and the happenings of our classroom, so we look forward to your comments and contributions!


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